Service Rates

Eyebrows $250 and up

Eyeliner (upper & lower) $350

Eyeliner (upper or lower) $250

Full Lip Color $ 550 Lipliner $350

Eyelash Extensions
$150,  Refill $50+

The above fees cover your initial procedure and follow up visit. A soft natural look is the goal, but in the event that a substantial amount of more color or a more dramatic look is desired (thicker eyeliner or darker lips), an addtitional fee will be charged. After that, maintenance visits are based on an hourly fee of $150 per hour. These maintenance visits are scheduled as needed and may vary from 1-5 years. It has been my experience that when the first maintenance visit is done within the first year, it will extend the life of your permanent makeup.

We endeavor to keep our website prices up-to-date, but prices are subject to change without notice. Please call or e-mail for current prices. Thank You!

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